Wellbeing Walk - Alton

Each Wednesday a group meet for a 30-45 min walk around the local area

Price: £0.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £0.00 )

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Alton Wellbeing Walk

This is a A lovely, short walk through flood meadows in Alton.

The walk only 30-45 minutes long and targeted towards individuals who would like a shorter walk at a more gentle pace, with a smaller group of walkers. 

On this walk, you'll have time to either socialise with others, or just quietly self-reflect, while you take in the lovely landscapes surrounding Alton. This is an incredibly approachable and accepting group walk, where all are made to feel welcome.  

If you think this walk is for you, please come along. If you have any questions about the walk, please contact walk leader Gill on 07786 942136

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