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I have been running in the Farnborough / Camberley / Farnham and Bracknell areas since 2012 and have built up my offering to be able to help Venues across Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire find new customers and parents find new and fun things to do, including everything from the tiny church groups, up to the big theme parks.  I also offer special packages just for Holiday camps.
I do this in a number of ways to try and make it as easy as possible for families to find something suitable for them.
1. I run the local events search engine  and the associated social media platforms. 
mothers adventure group

I enter all the events/attractions and classes into the events search engine, so they are accessible on the web (and google).   I create each venue their own profile which links to all your activities, and I also interlink venues to make it easier for families to find activities.  So for example, if someone is looking at Sport4kids then they will see that you are a similar class.  Once venues activities are in the search engine, they appear in the search results see and

2. I use the information I have on the search engines to create useful content to help identify activities for each demographic.  I do this with videos/posters/blogs and timetables, Organising everything into easy to use posters by age and activity.   If I feel there is enough content I split out timetables to be more specific.  
So each day of the week has a poster with the highlights of what is going on that day.  Then each age range has a poster for what is going on for that age. I also create activity timetables to show music activities/sport activities etc.

I also have timetables specifically for different areas, so, for example, the Crowthorne / Bracknell has a timetable and Sandhurst / Camberley have a time table as do Guildford and Farnham.  There are also timetable specifically for infant school /  junior school and Infant aged children too.  (see attached images)
3. I release a broadcast with what is going on most weeks. Here is an example of what's on video from the half term. and these are downloaded and shared on other social media platforms and also the big lists.
4. I create weekly lists for people to browse. Here is an example of a big list of all the main activities I create see here 
5.  Everything then gets added to the Facebook group, then shared to over 100 local community groups.  It is also shared to Instagram , to twitter  and also ""
The big "what's on" list can get a reach of between 15,000- 50,000 a week, and we get around 1000-2000 hits a week on the events search engine. and the pages / groups in general reach around 50,000+ people.
6. I do daily updates of what is going on "today" see here for an example, which I change depending on the weather 
7. Some days if it's raining or going to be really sunny I will put up a post for ideas for a rainy day so, for example, I might pop something like this up 
8. I create customers events and activities as Facebook events on the family events Facebook page and group.
9. I advertise customers on the party section of the site which is shared regularly by people on social media
10. For holiday camps I usually only advertise camps we have recently reviewed, Which enables me to answer questions from parents, and also makes sure that I only advertise the camps that children actually enjoy (I have stopped advertising some camps if multiple children have not wanted to go back).  

Drop us an email and we can discuss your requirements!

FREE Listing

£0 / month

  • Inclusion in search engine for 1 week
  • Automatic submission to search engines
  • Dedicated Event Page

Package 1

From £25 / month or £150 for the year *

  • Appear on the "what's on" lists and appearing on the search engine every day that you are open. This is either £25per month (minimum 2 months) or £150 for the whole year.    *If you are a club running most days out of multiple venues, this price may vary.
  • For large venues and leisure centres, the monthly cost starts from £50per month.

Package 2 (add on)

  • £25per month (minimum of 2 months) 
  • This is an add-on package to package 1. 
  • This package includes regular updates on social media to remind your customers there are activities coming up (so, for example, posting on a Friday afternoon reminding people that a club is running in the morning,  It also includes being mentioned on the weekly broadcasts and relivent radio shows. 
  • I run this package in 2month intervals at a cost of £50 per 2 months. (this is create for a boost if your numbers are dropping, without committing for 2 long).

Kid's parties/event venue and suppliers

From £5 / month

  • Inclusion in search engine
  • Automatic submission to search engines
  • Dedicated Event Page
  • Inclusion in the Family Groups and Events Facebook group
  • Prioritise Search Engine Ranking
  • Homepage banner
  • Dedicated Venue Page
  • Venue networking

Other Advertising assistance

£30 fee we can help you

  • Sign you up to a number of different affiliate schemes such as Affiliate Window which enable bloggers and other websites to "plug" your business
  • Sign you up to google advertising you can set your own budget on how much you would like to spend with this.
  • Assistance with Facebook advertising, as can help you plug yourself on local relevant facebook groups.