Vivace Music school - 10yrs + Fleet

virtual music classes for 10yrs+ in Fleet

Price: £0.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £9.92 )

Music & movement class for school-age children – learn the nuts and bolts of music in a fun and playful way through singing and movement games. Through learning the language of music, children acquire a solid foundation for later instrumental tuition, growing in confidence and social skills as they increasingly make the music their own

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Online Classes

Fun Sensory Structured

Face-to-face and live online music and movement classes for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary school-aged children and children with special educational needs. ​


Our classes run throughout the week during term-times online and face-to-face at venues in Fleet and Farnham.


Passionate about children and music, we are solidly rooted in the Kodály method to bring you fantastic teaching from around the world..

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Classes from April 2021

Back from April 2021: our face-to-face classes in Fleet and Farnham. To book a class or for a free trial session, please contact us!


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Name: Vivace Music School

Music & Movement Classes for Babies and Children in Fleet and Farnham

Vivace Music school - 10yrs + Fleet


Court Moor school, Fleet

We're OPEN today 14:00 - 19:15

Opening Times

  • Monday 09:50 to 11:20
  • Wednesday 09:30 to 17:30
  • Thursday 14:00 to 19:15
  • Saturday 09:30 to 13:30
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