One-to-One GCSE English Tutoring Zoom - Online

For those who prefer a highly personalised approach, my one-to-one sessions are available with a minimum commitment of six sessions.

Price: £50.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £0.00 )

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One-to-One GCSE English Tutoring Zoom - Online

Unlock your child's full potential with my one-to-one online tutoring sessions for English GCSE. My sessions provide deep, individualised focus, tailoring our unique learning trifecta – strategy, mindset, and environment – directly to your child’s specific needs.

Ideal for boosting exam preparation, honing specific skills, or offering consistent support throughout KS4, my tutoring adapts to complement what your child is studying at school. What sets my sessions apart? Each session is recorded and placed in Google Classroom for future reference, complete with labelled resources and additional Zoom clips for extra support. Homework is extensively marked, and I provide constant support via WhatsApp for any questions between lessons.

Additionally, I offer a complimentary drop-in service on Friday afternoons for extra English support. My sessions offer detailed guidance on GCSE assessment objectives, developing crucial reading for analysis and writing skills. Whether used alongside a group programme or as a standalone study plan, my personalised approach ensures your child achieves their full potential. Perfect for home-schooled pupils too.

Visit my page to learn more and give your child the advantage they deserve.

BONUS: Friday Q&A Drop in Clinic (attendance is optional but advised is further guidance is needed or questions need addressing). Detailed progress reports to parents

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GCSE English Tutoring

Are you concerned about your child’s GCSE English progress? Would you like them to be empowered in their essay writing and confident in their literary analysis? Perhaps your child has aspirations to get a place at a top university?.

Group tutoring prices start from £25pp

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