Inter Performers with HKPA - Aldershot

Performing Arts Classes for Secondary school children aged 11-14years in Aldershot

Price: £0.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £18.30 )

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Drama, Singing and Dance lessons for under 7yrs in Aldershot 

This performing arts class for 7yr, 8yr, 9yr, 10yr and 11 year olds in  Aldershot. Within their time with us, they complete equal amount of time in singing, dancing and acting. Our priority is to ensure they receive quality training, building their confidence and allowing them to be who they want to be in a safe and creative environment..  You will see your child confidence grow each week, helping them interact freely with their peers.

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Holly King Performing Arts Academy in Aldershot and Haselmere

Here at HKPA we offer Singing, Dancing and drama lessons for everyone over the age of 3yrs. this includes Teens, tweens and preteens too!

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Name: Holly King Performing Arts Academy - Aldershot and Haselmere

Dancing, Singing and Acting classes for children 3-18years

Inter Performers with HKPA - Aldershot


St Michael's Junior School, Church Lane East, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1SS
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