My eldest son is starwars mad, so we thought we would organise a starwars party at home with just a few school friends over.


We did this at home, but I think this would be a really good party to do at Alice holt forest, if you hired one of the cabins.

Most of the party was in the garden

Nerf Gun Practise

We purchased some balloons from JMB Balloons very last minute, and I then got to work turning the plain white balloons into storm troopers using a sharpie Pen.  The Balloons were £1 each (including delivery), I ordered at 9pm the night before, and we had them by 8am the following morning, I was very impressed. We used our nerf guns to try and shoot the storm troopers.  I also painted a few old cans to make them look like storm troopers too. and they had a few practise shots with those.

Deathstar destroying

We purchased a starwars paper airoplane kit book, and got the children to make rebel plans to throw into the deathstar my husband made out of an old pallet


Starwars Angry Bird Slingshot

My husband made a sling shot that could fire soft footballs, and we used boxes and the storm trooper tin cans to make an "angry bird" game.


Balloon keeping up.


Using their foam lightsabours the children had to try and keep their balloon in the air, if your balloon touched the floor you were out.  I made the light sabours out of the glowing foam batons using duct tape.




Party Bags

The party bags I made from felt.  There was a choice of 2 party bags (dark side or light side), containing a ginger brean biscuit, a darth vader keyring, a darth vader crayon, a light sabour crayon, a sticker book and the light sabour baton.  I made the bags buy cutting a rough shape and using wonderweb to glue the felt together, for the darthvader, i stitched a rough pattern on the bag to show some detail.



 Crayons and Keyrings

The crayons I made by melting down all our old crayons into a darthvader mould, the keyrings were made using fimo in the same moulds and then inserting the keyrings and baking.



For the babies I made a little storm pooper babygrow using fabric pens, and found a little bouncy glow up black ball :) 

Party Food

We had Hans Solo Sandwiches, Sabour dunkers (breadsticks and houmous), death star Crisps, sabour sausages (pepporami), grape sabours, and water.  I labeled the water so that each child could keep track of their own drink.


The Cake

The cake was a bit of a rush this year, so the base was a simple chocolate cake, as were the cupcakes.



The AT-ATTACK was made from marshmallow and ricecrispy cake





The boys both wanted to dress up as darthvader :)


Costs for 10 children

Venue hire £0
Balloons £20
Storm trooper cans £0
Light up sabours £10
Icing for cakes £15
Keyrings £1.20
Books £10 (I found a pack of 10)
Folded flyers book £1
Food £15
Total cost £75

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