We did this at home, but I think this would be a really good party to do at Alice holt forest, if you hired one of the cabins.

I created 3 distinct areas, there was a tinkerbell area

Lostboys area

This was the main area, where the food, teepee and archery and crafts took place

Archery practise

I  had already purchased 2 of these kits for a robin hood party earlier in the year. we set the target up in the tree, and we helped the kids practise their skills. The child with the highest score in the tournament took home one of the kits.  We also had some feather head dress craft tables with craft feathers, stick back plastic and cardboard strips.  I also had an assortment of costumes and a few of the peterpan hats available. (see below inthe party hat section)

Indian headdress

For these I cut out strips from cereal packets, taped one side of the tape to the whole length (leaving the plastic covering on, so the kids could peel it off and stick the feathers down.



Pass the parcel

For this i used plane brown paper, and a selection of the temporary tattoos. the main prize was a pet pan book



Tinkerbell Area

For this area I purchased some fairy making kits, tinkerbell temporary tattoo stations, and the big pink mosquito net and padding for with some play equiptment in.  I hung up a few lanterns and hid fairies in there too.




Captain Hook Area

This is the Pirate area where pirate clothes, Pirate temporary tattoos and pirate hooks could be found.

Walk the plank

We had a large beam with an empty paddling pool at the end, the toddlers had to try and walk along the plank with their hands behind their backs :)


Make a Hook craft

For this we had some black plastic plant pots, and silver foil, and they had to make their very own pirate hook.


Hook for snacks

Children had to use their pirate hook to get some pretzels out of the bowl


Dig for treasure

We filled a wooden chest with sand, plastic coins and plastic braclets, we supplied spades and there were rules regarding how many of each the children could dig for.



Throw a ring

We mounted some home made hooks onto a board, and cut out wooden rings for the children to throw.



Party Hats

For the Party hats I used a template I found on the internet and bought a large sheet of green felt, and a few feathers, it took abou 30mins per hat to stitch, and they came our pretty good.  There were also the feather headdresses (detailed above)

 Party Bags

The party bags I made from a large sheet of green felt, and I used ribbon to make the handles.  I used scrap bits of felt to make the designs on the fron of the bags. there were 2 choices of bags Tinkerbell or Lostboys, the Tinkerbell bags contained fairy dust (popping candy and edible glitter), tinkerbell hair clip and fairy tattoo. The lostboy party bags contained a glow stick, pirate money and a lostboy tattoo.  They also could take home a peterpan hat, pirate hook or tinkerbell wings. and the very young guests recieved a "thats not my pirate/fairy book".




Party Food

To keep the party food reletivly simple, I made pizzas out of pitta bread and used lolly sticks to make them look like pirate ships, the fruit was served in a  pirate ship Melon


I created some peterpan labels so that each child could keep track of their water bottle. I used icecream cones and marshmallow topping and pretsal sticks to make the cone teepees.



To keep with the ethos of reducing waste, we used compostable bamboo plates to serve the childrens food in.


The Cake


For the cake i made a madera base, and used marshmallow and ricecrispy cake to make the crocodile, clock and hook. 



Costs for 14 children and 30 adults

Venue hire £0
Archery kits £30
Fairy kits £4
Hats £6 
Wings £4
Icing for cakes £15
Party bags £4
Plates £6.50
Plastic coins £4
Plastic necklaces £6
Books £8
Tattoos £6
hooks £5
Food £10
Total cost £107

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