I am still doing the whole30 diet at the moment.  I did a a bit of batch cooking this Thursday to make my life easier.


I used the food processer to chop a pile of leeks, carrots, onions and celery.  I split between 4 pans,
Pan 1 I added more carrots , along with coriander to make carrot and corriander soup,
Pan 2 I added broccolli, some mustard and cheese to make cheese and brocolli soup ( not whole30),
Pan 3 I added a jar of pasata and a few tbls of tom puree and a few bayleaves to make tomato soup,
Pan 4 I added few jars of tomatoes, fresh basil, parsley, and 1tsp of paprika to the last lot to make a sauce for the meatballs.

My plan is then to attempt to cook every other day..


Thursday - cook
B: fruit salad
L: jacket potato with tuna
D: sweet potato wedges, meatballs in a tomato sauce, coleslaw


Friday - no cook
B: poached egg and mushrooms
L: Carrot and coriander soup
Snack: nuts
D: Left over meatballs with salad

Sat - Cook
B: poached egg
L: cheese and broccoli soup
D: Pizzas made on a sweet potato base, olives, courgette, red pepper, red onion

Sunday - Cook
b: home made hash browns with poached egg
l: Tomato soup
Snack: apple, grapes
D: slow roasted bbq lamb leg, potato matchsticks, coleslaw (carrot, red cabbage, white cabbage, beetroot, celery, red pepper, lemon, mustard, mayo)

Monday - easy day
B: egg, mushrooms, tomatoes
L: carrot and coriander soup
Snack: banana, apple and Clementine, walnuts, raisins, cashews, pumpkin seeds,
D: left over lamb in a Moroccan casserole with apricots all popped in the slow cooker.
Exercise: 10000 steps

Tuesday - Cook
B: fruit salad

L: sweet potato jacket, coleslaw and tuna with water cress

D: chicken, leek and spinach pie with a potato topping, and served with steamed broccoli 

Wednesday - no cook
B: egg fritata 
L: tomato soup
D: left over chicken and veg with salad
Exercise: 10000 steps



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