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As a mum of 4 little boys, I have a lot of experience in visiting places with small children.
The thing that keeps cropping up, again and again, is that there is currently no easy way for a parent to go to the toilet when out with their small people.
It sounds so simple, but you come across several issues.
      1. 1. Buggies won't fit in a cubicle, and you can't very well leave a buggy with a baby/toddler out of site while you nip to the loo.
      2. 2. There is nowhere safe to put babies in slings.
      3. 3. A toddler who is still at the "touch everything and put everything in their mouth" stage can not be left wandering the cubicle. *don't eat that*.
      4. 4. Don't get me started on the walking preschooler that tries opening the door when your mid pee, and the door is "just" out of reach!
2 simple things would really help parents pee.
      • A "2nd" high bolt / lock on toilet doors (a lower one for general use, and a higher one for those with preschoolers who like to open the door before you have had a chance to pull your pants up).
      • A toddler wall seat inside accessible toilets, so parents can strap their inquisitive toddler to stop them trying to lick the toilet bowl.
I am not sure why this conversation has to be had, but it is long overdue. and I do think we need to start asking venues to think about their customers' pee :).
To encourage our lovely local venues and attractions to take some simple steps to let parents pee... I will be creating a "Parents can pee here" list of all the venues/activities that have at least a "top bolt/lock". If they have the toddler seat too then I will add a gold star next to their name! they will need to send me proof, and I will attach a photo with their listing :D
Come on.. guys. a bolt only costs £2.56
What's been your experience with this?
On most occasions just had to leave the venue and come home to use the toilet, which seems a bit crazy, especially when it is a soft play, swimming pool, family restaurants even Hospitals and public toilets.
Not everyone can cross their legs and wait for the drive home, especially when they have just forked out £30 for soft play tickets or access to the swimming pool.
So please share this with your favourite venues.... and ask them to let you pee.. let's see what happens! :) If you are out and about and are luckily enough to find a loo that has added some "Let parent pee" locks. then let us know :D
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