Motherhood in our society can (for some) be a really isolating way of life.   Quite a lot of mums wake up and deal with the children on their own, they sort out the house on their own, they cook and prepare meals on their own, most "tasks" that they need to be done during the day are at home.  Most mums barely make time for themselves.  It is easy to spend a whole day indoors feeling too overwhelmed to leave the house, childcare is expensive, so even going for an exercise class can cost a fortune once you factor in childcare.

This means mums are not get enough Vitamin D, which in tern can lead to depression and anxiety, so the way of life can become a visous circle.

Motherhood should be a social way of life.  In times gone by, Women would have had Sisters, Aunts, Mothers and Grandmothers to chat to while cooking, sharing childcare, and doing most other activities (even giving mum some time to herself to catch up on sleep).  Their neices and nephews would have played with their children, meaning they are not the soul souce of their childs entertainment.

I think the loss of this "tribe" environment along with indoor living has a huge part to play with rise rise of PND and depression in general.

You only need around 30min of morning sunshine on your face, forearms and lower legs to get enough vitamin D for the day.  However pregnant woman, new mums and breastfeeding mothers are all at risk of low Vitamin D.

I am starting up a number of mother circles and activities in the local area.    Groups that share cooking so that you can chat and get your whole weeks cooking done in 1 afternoon and chat while you do so.  

I am also starting up a "mothers who get out and have coffee" groups for £5.

The idea is...

Mothers turn up (With thair children if it is not possible to find childcare), and do a 30min outdoor activity, then chill and have coffee and a chat afterwards. Because its all mothers together, the hope is that it will help build friendships and support networks.  It also means that mums get to spend at least 30mins in morning or late afternoon sunshine to boost their vitamin D levels.   

Depending on numbers, we maybe able to set up a childcare swap, half the mums watch the children while the other half of the mums do the activity, and then at half time they swap. but this can be discussed when people sign up to join us.

Places that have signed up already are...

1.  Horse shoe lake.  Are running a coffee and Kayak class for mums every Tuesday at 09:30.  Mums can spend 30mins on the water, then can pop to the club house for a coffee (and cake if available on the day).

They are also now running a mothers bootcamp (child friendly) and coffee on a Thursday and Archery and coffee on a Friday

2. The Alice holt cycle centre.  They run a real spin class every Thursday at 09:30am,  Bike and kids bike buggy is included. its a 30min spin class around the forest £5 all inclusive.  afterwards we can meet at the cafe on the green for a coffee and catchup.

3. Yoga.  A local mum who is also a yoga teacher has said she would be interested in running a class each week, after the session we would head to the club house for our coffee and chat :) on a thursday afternoon 13:45-14:30
I am also hoping to set up archery, walking, running and other clubs too.  If you are a local venue interested in taking part of the scheme, please contact me on [email protected]

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