Easter Activities that can be done at home

Usually, over the Easter holidays, I take my 4 children to a national trust egg hunt, or out for a kayak on the lake, or a cycle around the forest. That is not possible at the moment, So I have put together a few ideas that can be done at home, and adapted to your family.

I will be adding new ideas all the time, so do pop back!

Easter Tree 2 | Gabriele Diwald | Flickr
Make an Easter Tree

Use fallen twigs from your garden and place in a jug, you can paint the twigs to add a dash of colour.

You can then decorate the tree with Easter eggs, chicks and other crafts.  

you could either wooden eggs or cut out egg shapes out of cardboard, or make salt dough, and then decorate.  Or how about making little chicks out of scrap fabric and stitching on ribbon.

Small easter bunting can also be made and added.

Click the button below for craft ideas to go on your tree.

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wooden chip construction kit
Build an Easter Chic or rabbit

Ash and Co Workshops usually have children come into their workshops during the holidays, however while social distancing restrictions are in place, they are instead sending out kits to your home.  For Easter there are Chicks and Rabbits.  Or if you would prefer how about building a racing car or Rainbow? prices start from £14.95.  You can buy a kids tool set from them too!

Buy woodwork kit


Easter Tree 2 | Gabriele Diwald | Flickr
Make an Easter Egg

Making Chocolate Easter eggs is a great activity to do as a family. you can choose an egg mould, and simply melt choco chips in a bain-marie, pour into chocolate moulds and then decorate.  If you have no moulds or choc chips then click on the link below to find some.  

Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate into a "slab" and then use icing to write on / decorate.

Or bake a brownie, top with melted chocolate and decorate with your favourite sweets. 

Look Here
wooden chip construction kit
Easter baking

Baking Simmel Cake, Hot cross buns and Easter biscuits are all fun activities. 

For younger children, biscuit dough can be made in advance.   If you have a bread machine you can use it to proof your hot cross bun dough.  

But older children can make it all from scratch if given a simple recipe.

Another easy craft is making easter cake decorations out of marzipan.

Find materials for baking here


Easter Tree 2 | Gabriele Diwald | Flickr
Make an egg Hunt

There are a number of types of egg hunt, depending on the age of your children.

Free for all - you could either let them find them on their own.

Map - create a map of their home/garden, and then mark "x's" on the map where the eggs are.   You could get the children to create the maps the night before and leave them out the night before for the Easter bunny to fill in for them.

Or even write some clues for them to follow.  Creating a bit more of a challenge for older children.

If you don't have the time to spend creating an egg hunt, you can buy a kit off of amazon (see the button below). 

Easter egg hunts
wooden chip construction kit
Egg cup painting

You can purchase plain white egg cups cheaply online, and then use pottery paint pens to personalise them.

Children can then use them for their breakfasts.

These are a fun gift idea too, maybe grandchildren can decorate egg cups and send them to Grandparents for them to enjoy.

Drinking mugs can also be painted in the same way.

Find materials for painting here


bird house kit
Make a birdhouse

There are a number of kits you can buy online which cost around £12 (see button below).  Or for older children, there is an online bird box building lesson you can follow here, along with details of the material you will require.

Bird box kit
wooden chip construction kit
Grow Carrots (Easter bunnies favourite)

You can purchase carrot seeds online really cheaply.  seeds can be sown into egg boxes to start them off.

Carrot tops can also be "regrown" by popping them into a shallow dish of water, and refreshing the water every day.  within a few days you will see carrot leaves starting to grow.  This doubles up as a great science experiment.

Find carrot seeds here


online farm
Live Farm Tours

There are a number Farms who are offering Live Farm tours enabling you to see live Lambing, or chicks hatching.

List of online Farm tours
wooden chip construction kit
Watch a Theatre Show

Andrew Lloyd Webber Is offering his musicals for free online for 48 hours! from Friday 7pm. keep an eye on his youtube account https://www.youtube.com/theshowsmustgoon

Cirque du Soleil are also offering hour long specials.


Find theatre here


online farm
Flower Pressing

There are a number of ways to press flowers, you can use a book or a flower-press.  You can then use the pressed flowers in arts and crafts, To make birthday cards too.

Buy a Flower Press
wooden chip construction kit
Create a Time Capsule

It is not often that we are asked to stay at home, and schools close.  Why not document this unique time, and store it in a time capsule for discovery later.

Ideas of what to include:
- Photos of your family and your bedroom

- What meals you have eaten

- What activities have you done at home

- What are you missing doing outside of the home

Find a capsule here


online farm
Garden Camping

Just because you can not go out Camping, there is no reason you can not camp in your garden. 

Why not make some little tents for your favourite toys so they can join you.

You could plan a camping dinner and breakfast, and if it's safe to do so, you could create a bon-fire (or make a pretend one with coloured paper or fabric to make the flames).  if you have marshmallows to toast that is even better!

If you have a trampoline you could make a "tent" over the top of the net, and have a half-night camp. where you spend most of the night in your tent, and then move to your own bed if / when it gets too cold!

If you don't have an outdoor space, maybe create a camp under your dining table, or in the living room, and fill it with cosy cushions too. 

Don't forget your torch and midnight feast!

Indoor camping supplies
wooden chip construction kit
Choose and make a family meal

Most children love to have a bit of responsibility and allowing them to plan a family meal is a lovely way to let them experiment. 

Look through what you have in the cupboards.  Pitta bread pizzas are a good starting point.  but older children can invent a new recipe, and probably make a pudding too!

Find a child-friendly cookbook


online farm
April Lyrids meteor shower

This Meteor shower lasts between 16th - 26th April each year. If you look towards the constellation Lyra, near this constellation's brightest star, Alpha Lyrae (proper name Vega). Their peak is typically around April 22 each year. The rate of shooting stars is around 20 per hour.

Stargazing supplies
painted rocks
Rock Painting

Why not build up a collection of painted stones, so that when things return to normal.  You to hide them around the neighbourhood for children to find!

You could even decide where you will hide them and plot the locations on a map.

Rock Painting supplies


bird feeder
Outside "Easter tree"

Don't forget the wildlife this Easter.

Why not decorate a tree outside with bird fat balls (you can find recipes online). just mix lard and bird seed, and you can then use a cookie cutter and ribbon to hang them.

You can also thread cereal such as cheerios onto a string and hang those on tree's or even use a tin can to create a feeder or hollowed-out apple. either way, you can make a lovely feast for our outdoor friends.

wooden chip construction kit
Build a bug hotel

You can create a bug house as simple or elaborate as you like. a tin can could be filled with bamboo. or a piece of wood could have drill holes added, or you can create an elaborate construction with different areas. These are a great addition to a veg patch if you want to entice lady birds to protect your veg from aphids.

Buy a bug house here


bird feeder
Make a fairy Village.


You can use "spent" matches to make little ladders. use old lollipop sticks to make bridges, and then recycle plastic bottles and pebbles to make miniature houses. why not add some fairy doors to tree's around your garden too.

Fairy houses.
Create an Easter Bonnet
Create an Easter Bonnet

Use different crafts to create your own easter bonnet. why not create one for your toys too?. An egg box can be cut up to make small bonnets for action figures. Maybe you could have a competition. Please share photos of any that you make with us!

Easter Bonnet kit

1st Published March 2015

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