Idea Description
I used this for tummy time.. by rolling it forward and backward in front of them to keep them engaged, and their head up.
You can program this to have the childs name, favourite colour, pet and food used in the communication. it has a timer so the toy will play upto 15mins of bedtime music (great for bedtimes), or they can just listen to music and play the little games.
This is such a used toy. great for stacking up, learning how things go "in" to eachother and colours too.
A really lovely gentile book, filled with so many things to point out and learn. it shows seasons, weather, animals and activities. its a firm favourite.

12-24 months

idea Description
toddlers love playing with this, it has colours, animals and lots of latches and locks to explore. Even the older children love fiddling with it.
This makes a great nose to keep the children engaged. I also used this for tummy time.. by rolling it forward and backward in front of them to keep them engaged.
Great for role play. toddlers love sharing the cakes around.
Great for role play. I have had numerous "tea partys" with this set :)
great not only for motor skills, but also for using to explain colours and sorting..

2-3 years

Idea Description
My kids have all been obsessed with the train sets. Even the 8year old still plays with it. It is great for problem solving.
To go with the brio tracks, a battery operated train is great, as it gives them something to race against while building the track!
This is a great stepping stone to riding a full bike, once they have mastered the "balance" you can skip stabilisers.
This is a lovely book for a child who often struggles with their emotions, it explains that no matter how angry your feelings may make you feel... your still loved. I read this to my kids if we have had a hard day.

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