I have been fortunate enough to attend our local NCT yoga class in ASH with all 3 of my pregnancies from around 21weeks.

What Happens?

We bring a pillow and a blanket, and there are yoga mats laid down.  

We start off with a simple introduction, and then we start with a gentile yoga session, all aimed at strengthening the muscles we need to, and relaxing those that have more work to do then normal.  

During the yoga we learn different techniques for the labour including ways to keep moving, yoga breathing and practise contractions using the birth ball, chairs or wall.

Once the yoga session is complete there is a wind down session (this is when i normally fall asleep).  We lay down and cover ourselves in the blanket and close our eyes, while the instructor gives us a visualisation to help us meditate/wind down.

After the wind down session we have a nice cup of tea or juice and a chocolate biscuit and a bit of a chat. and then normally there is a lady who has recently left to have her baby comes back to share her birth story and we meet her baby.

How much

£10 for 2 hours, including tea and biscuit.


St Peters chuch hall in Ash

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