Independant midwives 

We are very lucky in the UK that we have the NHS, however it can still be unnerving having strangers around you when your giving birth and throught the long weeks and months before and after childbirth, you can never be 100% sure who you will have on shift when you do finally go into labour.

An independant midwife gives you the options of having 1 to 1 care throughout your pregnancy and birth, and postnatal care too.  If you are planning a homebirth it is a great option, as you can build a friendship with your midwife, and know they are on call for youm and it is they who you will be cared for.

Our local Independant Midwife is Kathryn Weymouth click here for her website


Kathryns maternity package includes

  • Initial consultation: 1-2 hours in your home where I explain how I work and answer your questions.  £50 on it’s own but goes towards total fee
  • Booking visit: 2-2.5 hours where we go through your medical/obstetric history in detail and start to fill out the notes.
  • Personalised maternity notes, a copy to keep and treasure
  • Easy access to known midwives during antenatal period
  • Dedicated pager system to ensure prompt contact
  • Antenatal visits: usually take 45min to 1 hour in your home, as many as clinically needed.  Rough guide- monthly until 30 weeks, 33 weeks, fortnightly until 38 weeks, weekly until 42 weeks and twice a week until birth
  • Loan of books, videos, dvds as needed (e.g. hypnotherapy CDs)
  • I will liaise with other health professionals as necessary such as your GP, Health Visitor (HV), Supervisor of midwives, Obstetrician.  I routinely write to the above (with your permission) to let them know I am looking after you, notify the birth and postnatal discharge
  • Visit with back up midwife- AN visit with a back up midwife who will also be on call for you should I be at another birth or have illness etc.
  • Birth: on call from 37 weeks 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Access to maternal massage in labour
  • Disposable sterile single use equipment and emergency drugs for your safety and peace of mind
  • Provision of portable entonox (Gas & air) limited supply (to be discussed)
  • Midwifery equipment for home birth such as disposable delivery pack, gloves etc.
  • Safe, professional disposal of clinical waste
  • Back up midwife fees
  • I stay with you during labour, transfer to hospital if chosen, and after the birth for about 2-3 hours
  • Breast feeding support including best beginnings DVD
  • One to one postnatal care
  • Easy access to a known midwife during the postnatal period
  • Post natal visits as needed.  Usually daily at first, then less as your confidence grows e.g. day 1,2,3,5,7,10,14,21,28
  • Maternal and baby checks including neo-natal screening (heel prick test), Frenulotomy (tongue tie release) if necessary
  • At about 6 weeks post natal I will then bring or send a copy of your notes for you to keep
  • Ongoing invitations to hosted social events
  • Full body Massage available at discounted rates

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