Photo of Wildlife trust - Barossa

Wildlife trust - Barossa

dry heathland, scattered with mixed woodland, owned by the MoD

An extensive area of open dry heathland, scattered with mixed woodland, owned by the MoD.

Barossa  - © James Herd

The lowland heathland habitat comprises dry heath, such as the lovely heather covered slopes on either side of Saddleback Hill, and wet heath around Wishmoor Bottom. There are areas of pine woodland and native deciduous woodland, and this diversity of habitats attracts a great variety of wildlife.

However, the heathland habitat is under threat from silver birch, pine scrub and purple moor grass. Alongside other management techniques, such as scrub bashing with volunteers, a grazing agreement with the MoD exists to enable Surrey Wildlife Trust to conservation graze Barossa

The Heathland Conservation Society are a local volunteer group who have actively helped to protect this important SSSI over the last two decades.  Their dedication and hard work have significantly helped to improve this area for people and wildlife.


Reserve manager
Ben Habgood
Tel: 07891 850882

What to wear?

Outdoor clothing and sensible footwear appropriate for the weather.  Ski suits are really good for children when taking part in autumn and winter outdoor activities as they keep the child snug and offer brilliant protection when splashing in puddles :) We have ones similar to this.

There are so many trees here why not make a little educational trip. get your little ones a book or worksheet and help them identify the trees you find.

 We love packing these and hunting for all the things on the cards.  We love packing these and hunting for all the things on the cards. The children have little bags for collecting the items. These are great for allowing the kids to easily see what they have collected so far.



Other activities ideas



The open areas lend themselves to a bit of bird watching.  This kit contains everything you need to take your family bird watching, including bird identifcation cards and binoculars.

There are also some lovely nature trails. Allowing your little ones to go bug hunting under logs and in the leaves.


 Or a bit of pond dipping


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Monday 09:00 to 17:00
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Saturday 09:00 to 17:00
Sunday 09:00 to 17:00


Off Kings Ride, Camberley Surrey, GU15 4JE




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