Photo of National Trust - Clandon Park

National Trust - Clandon Park

Follow our progress on the journey to rebuild Clandon Park, honouring the rich heritage of its past and creating a new legacy for the future

From April 6 until October 29 you'll be able to explore the ground floor of the house at Clandon via an extended walkway, taking in the Saloon, the Marble Hall and the State Bedroom. Book your tickets now for a timed walkway tour accompanied by our volunteers. Tickets are now available for the first part of this year's offer, up to and including Thursday 8 June. Tickets for the rest of the year, through until Sunday 29 October, will be made available for purchase soon.

What to wear?


Outdoor clothing and sensible footwear appropriate for the weather.  Ski suits are really good for children when taking part in autumn and winter outdoor activities as they keep the child snug and offer brilliant protection when splashing in puddles :) 

They have a really good bird watching area over looking marsh land.  This kit contains everything you need to take your family bird watching, including bird identifcation cards and binoculars.

There are also some lovely nature trails. Allowing your little ones to go bug hunting under logs and in the leaves.


There are so many trees in the Vyne, why not make a little educational trip. get your little ones a book or worksheet and help them identify the trees you find.


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Opening Times:

Thursday 10:15 to 16:45
Friday 10:15 to 16:45
Saturday 10:15 to 16:45
Sunday 10:15 to 16:45


West Clandon, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7RQ




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