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Dance classes for preschool and primary children in Woking
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Boogie Pumps Woking Dance classes

At Boogie Pumps Woking we offer the stuff the kids love… performing on stage. A Boogie Pumps show is like one big party, one which includes the audience. We focus on involvement and confidence more than perfection, an attitude that we believe has helped to create some amazing unforgettable moments on stage for our kids.  We offer Lambda Drama, Lambda Musical theatre, and Street dance too!

Suitable for 4-12yrs

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Boogie pumps Theatre Camps in Woking

Do you have a little one who loves singing, dancing and acting? Why not book them a place at one of our BP Theatre Camps this holiday? Struggling to think of ways to keep the kids entertained? BP to the rescue! Your children will learn new skills, be engaged, make new friends and most importantly….have BAGS OF FUN! Our camp offers the children a chance to build their confidence in a friendly environment. We encourage kids to be their best not the best.


Disco, Dance and themed Partys in Woking for 2 to 14yrs

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Dance, Disco and Themed parties in Woking

At Boogie pumps Woking we love individuality, our tailor-made party option allows you to create a customisable party to make all your child’s dreams come true on their special day.  18 Children to one entertainer is our limit, however if you would like to invite more children to the party we would love to have them along, the more the merrier! Please note that an additional fee will be added to cover a secondary entertainer. 

Our Party options include

  • Dance parties
  • Disco Parties 
  • Super Hero parties
  • Pirate patries
  • Princess parties
  • Party Games and more
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Opening Times:

Tuesday 17:30 to 19:30
Saturday 09:00 to 12:00


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