Space Station Week

Take a journey to Salyut, MIR, the ISS and the future of space stations.

Price: £0.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £0.00 )

Throughout the week we will be sharing:

· Space Crafts – our craft videos will show you how to make space themed creative projects at home

· Sophie Science – Sophie from our National Space Academy will share some great “DO try this at home” science projects and facts.

· Claire Explains – Claire makes amazing video lessons to help you fully understand this weeks topic (she also occasionally raps!)

· Tour of the Night Sky – Hayley will show you what you can see using the naked eye in the night sky over the UK this week.

· On this Day – find out what happened on this day in history that impacted the world thanks to space missions, science and astronomy.

· In addition, we have weekly downloadable colouring in fact pages, fun fact collectable card sets and lots more.


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Space Station Week



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