Beginners Woodworking Course - Make a Coat Rack

Introduction to woodworking and covers a variety of topics to get you started

Want to try woodwork but you don’t know your round-over bit to your roman ogee? Then come along to our ‘Make a Simple Coat Rack for Beginners’ course and find out!

Held in one three-hour evening course, our ‘Make a Coat Rack’ course is the perfect introduction to woodworking and covers a variety of topics to get you started. Suitable for complete beginners, we will give you the skills needed to take an unfinished piece of wood and turn it into a lovely coat rack which you can take home and use.

With a friendly instructor by your side the whole time, you will be able will get truly hands-on and make something you can be proud of and show off to friends and family every time they visit. 

In just one evening, you will learn how to mark out wood accurately, how to properly drill into wood to avoid splitting, how use a handheld router as well as learning how to properly sand and finish your lovely coat rack.

We will start the evening by showing you how to mark out your wood and work to dimensions on a drawing before working with you to cut your coat racks to length on the table saw.

Once done, you will choose your preferred edge profile and use the router to get the desired shape before marking out and drilling the holes for the coat hooks.

You will learn how to test fit the coat hooks and set your screw holes before moving on to final sanding. You will end the evening by professionally finishing your coat rack with hard wax-oil before final assembly.

You will leave the workshop with a big smile on your face and hopefully, a new hobby that is likely to get you ‘hooked’. You’ll be able to say “I made that!” Every time you hang your coat up and you will take home a set of skills that will last a lifetime.  

On this evening course, you can choose to work with a variety of common hardwoods depending on your tastes.

As standard, we supply solid English Ash with every course which is a lovely wood to work with that looks great when finished. Usually light in colour with beautiful grain patterns, this is our base option. 

If you prefer you can upgrade to Prime Oak which has a richer colour and wonderful grain texture that looks great in any setting.

If you really want to push the boat out, you can opt for American Black Walnut as your coat rack base which really is the cream of the crop. Dark in colour, with a grain that is to die for, your coat rack will look amazing in solid walnut.

• Engineers squares 
• Awl
• Brad point drill bits 
• Cordless Power Drill
• Countersink Drill Bit 
• Hand held palm router
• Round-over or roman ogee bit
• 80, 120, 180 sanding blocks
• Orbital Sander
• Finishing Sander
• Zero Grit 3M Finishing Pads

• Eye Protection
• Ear Protection
• Dust Mask
• Disposable Gloves 
• Woodworking Apron 
• Full training and instruction


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  • Beginners Woodworking Course - Make a Coat Rack
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