Music with Mummy Sandhurst ONLINE 1-4yrs

A lively approach to music for babies and pre-school children ONLINE

Price: £0.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £5.00 )

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Face to face classes

Face to face classes are back, Tiny Jolly Babies class will be free, else it will be £30 for the 6 weeks.

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Online music classes
Online Classes

When we need to move online The MUSIC WITH MUMMY programme is just £2.50 per class, we will take your child on a musical journey from birth, all the way until he or she starts school.

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Toddlers having fun at music with mummy in Sandhurst
Music with Mummy

These structured weekly music classes are designed for children from approximately 12-15 months until they start school. They use songs and fun activities to encourage early listening and social skills, essential not only in music but in all other areas of learning. Your child will develop a sense of rhythm, which will in turn help with learning and speech development. The fabulous music and songs are an eclectic mixture of traditional tunes that are unique to our delightful programme. Watch your child grow in confidence as they come each week and take part in our small and friendly classes full of music, educational games and fun activities. Sessions last for 30 minutes and are limited to 10 children (accompanied by an important adult) in each group.

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Jolly babies having fun in sandhurst
Jolly Babies

Specifically designed for children from birth to approximately a year old, Jolly Babies is the younger group of the Music with Mummy programme. Sessions of up to 8 children and their important person meet each week to enjoy a fun, musical learning environment, with colourful props and instruments. You could be forgiven for thinking “What can these classes possibly teach babies who are under a year old?” This is an understandable reaction, but anyone who has ever witnessed a Jolly Babies class soon realises the effective way it stimulates these receptive young minds with songs for babies. The classes encourage early social skills, bonding between baby and parent (or grandparent/auntie/uncle/carer), and early speech development. Both Health Visitors and Speech Therapists have been very impressed with the effects of these classes and many carers form strong relationships with other families through the medium of the weekly Jolly Babies session..

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Name: Music with Mummy & Jolly Babies - Sandhurst

A lively approach to music for babies and pre-school children in the Sandhurst area

Music with Mummy Sandhurst ONLINE 1-4yrs


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