FREE Isolation History Lessons

aimed at Primary school age, but relevant for all.

Price: £0.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £0.00 )

We will be streaming a live Facebook history lesson on life in Wartime Liverpool - aimed at Primary school age, but relevant for all.

The lesson will include a tour around Western Approaches Secret WW2 HQ in Liverpool city centre.


 Our 4th lesson will be launched on YouTube on Wednesday April 15th at 1pm (not live and will be available to then watch whenever you can).

This lesson will teach you about life as an evacuee, why you needed to leave home and your family, where you would have gone and what you could expect.

Worksheets will also be available to support the learning and will be available on our website at
All our previous lessons, can also be viewed on the above link to our website.

Our museum and secret bunker in Liverpool City Centre is closed at the moment and we are unable to earn any funds - if you are able we would be grateful for any donations to help us to continue to bring you our history lessons and donations can be made on our GoFundMe page -


LESSON 3 - Isolation History  - Secret Codes

In this lesson you will learn all about coding and ciphers.

The lesson will be launched at 1pm on April 8th via YouTube and we will also add the links to our Facebook page and on our website - which is also where all the KS2 & 3 worksheets will be uploaded (by April 7th) - go to - isolation lessons page.

During lesson 3 you will learn about different ways messages were sent during the Second World War.

You will understand the difference between a code and a cipher

You will find out more about some wartime codes and ciphers

And you will understand the stages of successful codebreaking - all fantastic skills, especially if you are already in training to become a spy!

No booking is required and the lesson isn't live - simply click the YouTube link at 1pm - the lesson can also be watched whenever you want after it has gone out at 1pm


LESSON 2 - Isolation History - Rations and Cooking in war time


 To Download the worksheets click here



LESSON 1 - The Battle of The Atlantic

The 1st lesson can be viewed below!
All free of charge and any child who completes the lesson will get a free pass to Western Approaches worth £8 when we eventually re-open.

We will also be adding more lessons to You Tube to keep history as a topic for children to learn whilst they are off school. Follow us on our social channels for more details.

Our lessons are hosted by a fully qualified teacher. To download the worksheets to accompany this lesson click here

For more information please see

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FREE Isolation History Lessons


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