Egham Open Air Cinema - Rocketman

Hythe Park Egham with live music and a fun-filled open air movie for you to enjoy



Price: £0.00 (Adults £15.00 / Children £0.00 )

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Huzzah! Summer days are here again...

Silent Summer Screenings are coming back to Aldershot Lido this summer with live music and a fun-filled movie for you to enjoy.

Using wireless headphones for all of the event's sound, turns these evenings into a memorable night of dancing, laughing and singing under the stars.

Doors Open: 19:30

Live Music Starts: 8 pm

Film Start (approx): 9:00 pm

Event Finish (approx): 11:00 pm (in case you want to book a taxi!)

Rocket Man 15



This isn’t just a night at the movies and music folks; there’s so much more! Have you ever sat with 500 other people… in a field... in silence… all fully engrossed in the same thing? … It’s magical!!

  • We use wireless headphones for all of the event's sound! You lot are in for a unique and immersive experience to be remembered for many summers to come.
  • LIVE MUSIC! we're kicking off the event with a glorious set from XXX playing a mix of covers and originals.
  • The Movie BEGINS! Once the sun has set, it’s time to cosy up and enjoy the film surrounded by your friends and family!
  • Take the timings of these events more as guidelines folks! We rely on the cover of darkness to play the movie, which means that sometimes the movie starts a little earlier or later than stated, but once it’s dark, it’s showtime! So make sure you’re there nice and early so you can just relax and enjoy the night ahead!
  • There will be a bar and delicious food on-site! but if you fancy a cheeky picnic from home and are thinking about which bag is best to use to sneak a bottle of booze in then don’t worry, you are most welcome to bring in your own you don’t have to hide it. Just please no hard liquor!



  • NO MORE DEPOSITS! Due to Covid we feel the £10 cash deposit isn’t appropriate anymore. Going forwards we will have dedicated exits to drop your headphones at when you leave. One person per set of headphones please - you will not be able to leave the area without handing in your headphones!
  • COVID SAFE! These bad boys will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each event (same as always) but at these times its more important than ever to feel safe and secure, so sanitiser and wipes will be available on-site. Please stick to the 2 meter rule while queing for the marquee, food and toilets!
  • Headphones are provided at the marquee at check-in. Please use the Eventbrite App to save paper and have the QR code ready for scanning!
  • All attendee’s must check in using our Covid QR code before receiving their headphones.



So what should you bring?

  • Something to sit on! Most people tend to bring folding chairs or blankets but you're more than welcome to bring whatever keeps you comfortable. We have a blanket zone at the front so everyone can get a good view! Please also bear in mind if it has rained during the day or the night before the ground may be damp.
  • Make sure you dress up warm! Bring anything which may make your evening more comfortable: A blanket, thick socks to stop your tootsies from getting cold and maybe a torch for the walk home.

Food & Drink

  • We have a bar on-site! Selling soft drinks, popcorn, beer, cider, red, white and rose wine, and of course the feel-good summer staple PROSECCO!
  • We have a caterer on-site! Delicious meals will be available from our on-site caterer. We’ll send you an email closer to the time with their menu!
  • Feel free to bring a picnic! We only ask that you please refrain from bringing any glass or hard liqour with you onto the site. Attendees agree to take responsibility for the health, safety, and security of the items they bring.


Smoking and Vaping

If you would like to smoke or vape during the event please do so at the designated smoking area back of the crowd and please discard cigarette butts appropriately.


This event has been able to go ahead due to the approval and enthusiasm of the town council, please respect the land and leave it in the beautiful way that you find it. There will be plenty of bins on site - please use them!

Noise levels

Remember that when you want to chat with your friends sitting around you, you are wearing headphones! Although you may not be able to hear your own voice the rest of the area will. Events like these are able to continue as long as the local neighbours are happy. When leaving try to keep the noise to a respectable level!

Age Restrictions

Parents should check the film content prior to the purchase of any tickets. Age restrictions and recommendations for children may apply due to the nature and suitability of the film. If you would like more information please visit


Where appropriate and when the film certificate allows for children to be present at the screenings, the cost of headphone hire for children is available for those under-12. Adult prices are required for those over.

Silent Summer Screenings maintains the right to refuse admission in reasonable circumstances including health and safety or licensing reasons.

Personal Medical Devices

If you use any personal medical devices (including but not limited to a pacemaker), please consult your doctor to determine whether the use of the headphones/transmitter could possibly affect your medical device.



- Silent Summer Screenings and its affiliates are not liable for any loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings at our events.

- We guarantee that for all movies shown a copyright license has been obtained.

- The use of cameras, recording equipment, and mobile phones is not permitted.

- In the event of bad weather, the movie screening will continue.

- VAT is included in the rental price

- No refunds will be given under any circumstances unless we the event organisers cancel the event.

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Greatest show Man, Back to the future all showing in Fleet, Yateley and Aldershot this summer