Draconids Meteor Shower - after dusk

Just after sun set, early evening. a great chance to catch a few shooting stars

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Shooting star alert! – There are shooting stars coming to a night sky near you.  between October 6th-10th 2021, peak activity occurs on the evening of 8th October 2021. 

There are around 5-10 meteors an hour. These meteors are caused by the Earth passing through the debris left behind by a comet called 21P Giacobini-Zinner.  The debris from the comet is made of small bits of dust and rock which hit the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed. the debris heats up and disintegrates in flashes of light that we call meteors.

In the past, the Draconids have produced some spectacular outbursts of hundreds or even thousands of meteors per hour.

, Unlike most meteor showers, the Draconids peak in the early evening, after sunset, rather than the middle of the night, so these are great showers to watch with the family.


If you are looking for other ideas to pass the time while waiting for the stars to appear. Why not see where the Moon is? it should be disappearing under the horizon just after dusk. How about the constellations? 

See if you can find Orion or the "pan" (which is part of the great bear constellation).


 Take a look at the video below to learn more about constellations you might find in the night sky.


Here is a summary of the October 2021 night sky!


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Draconids Meteor Shower - after dusk



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