Farnham - Kids Football Classes - S4K Kickers (3yrs to 5yrs)

Football classes in Farnham

When: Sat 01-Aug-2020 - 09:50 to 10:35

Price: £0.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £7.98 )


Saturday mornings from 4th July, at Farnham Park, GU9 0AU (near the golf course)

S4K Kickers is the second stage of development where we build on the mini and micro motor skills that have be learned at toddler football age and evolve these into more complex football skills. The ball is tailored to their size and children are encouraged to participate in structured games and imaginative play, adding yet another dimension to their already flourishing footwork.

The Kickers age group still focuses on individual skill developmentmaximising the amount of time that each child spends with the football to reach the maximum comfort and confidence level with the ball. Kickers’ talent is harnessed via dribbling drills and striking of the ball. In addition, child interaction and cooperation is actively encouraged as our coaches seek to stimulate greater social skills. Communication is encouraged as Kickers are taught to ask their peers to “pass the ball” and form an overall collective team spirit, achieved through cheering on their peers as they take turns to compete in small sided exercises. It is at this stage that kids are exposed to sharing and a little team play.

S4K Kickers classes make use of our famously innovative S4K Ankle Bands, which help your child perform skills on their left and right feet.  



Welcome to Sport4Kids! We introduce toddlers and kids to sports classes including football, rugby, dance, tennis, cricket and golf. We also offer sports education propositions to nurseries and schools. Book your FREE TASTER below today

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The Sport4Kids mission is to revolutionise children’s sport and build confidence in every child.  The S4K Way provides a unique experience for toddlers and mums. We prepare our children for a lifetime of development and even as early as 18 months they will learn fundamental movement and cognitive skills that prepare them for a healthy lifetime of enjoyment of sports. S4K Toddler Classes build confidence through skills and entertainment to promote a healthy mind, body and active lifestyle. 


We focus on fun to develop engagement and from engagement, our children will develop the enjoyment of active play and a positive experience for sporting activity. This is the start of their sporting journey and a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of science behind the design of our toddler classes that is based upon the fundamental principles of child and toddler development. This is both cognitive and behavioural as well as the development of their physical being. 
We want to help each toddler to become the very best that they can be one smile, one moment and one class at a time.  


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Rugby and Football Classes in the Basingstoke, Fleet, Farnham and Farnborough area

Farnham - Kids Football Classes - S4K Kickers (3yrs to 5yrs)


Farnham Park
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