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Baby sleep, Baby Colic and Calming, Baby Weaning, Breastfeeding

When: 8/1/2020 ALL DAY EVENT

Price: £20.00 (Adults £0.00 / Children £0.00 )

Baby Colic & Calming Workshop


The workshop supports parents through this demanding time, providing a network to share experiences and get support from other parents going through the same issues

For parents whose babies are suffering from colic, reflux, constipation, wind and excessive crying.

Offering information and practical tools to help the problem and discuss the options available.

The class will suggest techniques for helping ease colic, including holds, winding techniques, calming techniques, babywearing & swaddling.

Baby Sleep Workshop


Learn how babies sleep, what is ‘normal’, receive up to date sleep safety recommendations.

  • All about the world of newborn & baby sleep.
  • Parents have a chance to discuss their expectations/experiences of sleep in the first 6 months.
  • Look at different options around their baby’s sleep.

This is the perfect workshop for any new parent who feels they are struggling with sleep!

BabyNatal Weaning Workshop


The workshop supports parents general principles and tips/ guidelines/storing freezing and batch cooking.



We cover when to start/ what to feed/ how to do it/ what equipment is needed.

  • Offering information on
    • how much to feed
    • allergies
    • intolerances
    • spoon-fed and
    • baby-led weaning.
  • Dealing with
    • chocking
    • combination feeding
    • shop-bought versus homemade food
    • and more

The class will supply the parents with a huge amount of information for them to be able to walk away with the knowledge needed to make their decision on weaning.

Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop


Antenatal breastfeeding workshop, preparing you during pregnancy for your breastfeeding & parenting journey.

  • Planning to breastfeed your baby but don’t know what to expect or where to start?
  • Did a previous breastfeeding journey end before you had hoped?
  • What would it mean to begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence & calm?
  • Would it be useful to have some relaxation techniques & practical tools?
  • Are you worried about how breastfeeding works & how it will fit into your life?
  • Want to know when, how & where to find the right support?


Workshop for mum and partner covers:


  • How you are designed to breastfeed your baby.
  • Normal newborn behaviour.
  • Feeding choices & options.
  • Positioning & attachment.
  • Feeding frequency, weight gain, feeding patterns, cues.
  • The mind & body connection.
  • Relaxation techniques for pregnancy, feeding & early parenthood.
  • Building your confidence.

Mindful Breastfeeding is an incredible programme created by Anna Le Grange, an established lactation consultant with over 17 years of experience working with families. This programme provides you with emotional & physical tools to use, along with practical preparation & education for a positive infant feeding journey, enabling you to reach your breastfeeding goals.
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Baby Workshops from womb2world


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