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Inspire your child this 2017 with fun, creative arts & crafts classes, parties & events with the Creation Station. Check out our award winning 5 Star Rated Little Explorer and Baby Discover classes. We also run Create Clubs After School and fun Arty Birthday Parties.


Our Classes

  • Baby Discover  (3mths – 15mths)

    The baby discover classes are very relaxed and you have the option to do as much or as little depending on yours and baby’s needs. We start off with a discovery bag which introduces some items relating to the theme for the class then when you are ready, you can move on the painting/messy area followed by a little craft activity for you to make to take home. The painting activity is not just paint, we have many different tools and textures we introduce at this stage which stimulates the babies curiosity and helps them accept new things. The babies do get very tired and hungry at the end of the session and usually snooze off when we finish off with our cuddle time J. Overalls for the little ones are provided and there are washing facilities available but best bring spare clothes if you are planning to go out afterwards!

  • Little Explorer  (15mths – 5 years)

    Once the babies become toddlers, their curious minds and willingness to explore is immense. They are open to new things and their brains are like a sponge absorbing everything. Introducing them to arts and crafts at this age gives them the ability to excel themselves and thereby develop confidence, concentration and motor skills and problem solving capabilities. Usually, the term starts with newbies running around but after a few sessions they soon begin to settle. These sessions help them prepare for pre-school.


  • Create Clubs (KS1 & KS2)

    We understand the increasing pressure and demands on your time, to support children and to provide a solid foundation for their education and their future. With more emphasis on academic measures there is less time available for children to learn through hands on activities and at their own pace. We are here to help you infuse creativity to nurture your pupil’s potential. So if you think your child’s school would be interested in having Create club as part of their after school provisions or if you would like to enrol your child onto our monthly Saturday Club or Holiday Clubs then please get in touch for more information.

Our Locations

Half term week 13th to 17th February 

3 party packages to choose from and our prices start from £12 per person

Party Price £12.00

THE CREATION STATION ART PARTY - Let the fun commence... Children’s imaginations are inspired as soon as they arrive as they personalise their own party bags. With music, dancing and a little bit of magic, the children soon discover their hidden talents, expand their creativity and indulge their imaginations! The children proudly return home with a unique and treasured party bag, full of mementoes of a really special celebration.

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